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Housewives of Secaucus

If you love all things drag, reality tv, and reunion shows, don’t miss the new interactive lip synching musical comedy that’s getting Off-Broadway back on its feet – and into high heels! THE HOUSEWIVES OF SECAUCUS: WHAT A DRAG! spoofs those popular housewife shows you love to hate. Hold onto your wigs, because five queens of the Garden State are about to ‘werk-it’ at the annual Mad Hatters Brunch – competing for ‘Best Hat’, ‘Woman of the Year’ and even mayor of ‘Beautiful Secaucus, New Jersey.’ Who will be unfriended? Who’s having an affair with who? Could the competition be…dun dun dun…rigged? Queens are spilling tea everywhere at this interactive extravaganza!

Anita holding award

Nancy Levine


Anthony Wilkinson


Hank Fitzgerald Kiraly

Director/Choreographer/Costume Designer

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